Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Educating the Educator"- wisdom from a young Jaylen Arnold and his friend, Dash Mihok

I first heard about Jaylen Arnold from Twitter and our mutual pal, Sue Scheff.  I quickly learned that this young dynamo is an amazing kid who is trying very hard to teach others to not bully kids with differences, such as his own Tourette Syndrome.  Here is the wonderful PSA he made with pal, Dash Mihok.  (FYI- if Dash looks familiar it is because he has graced your television and movie screens countless times, including on the current series, THE GOOD WIFE)

Enjoy  And check out JaylensChallenge.org

PSA from Jaylens Challenge

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day in Sign Language!

How do you sign Happy Valentine's Day!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJUgq8Tsuwk&feature=email

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow photos for fun!

Here are some photos that chronicle the BlizzardS of 2010!!  Enjoy and feel free to share your blog url with us so we can see your Snowpalooza photos!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Deaf Dog Dancing!

Most of  you know that I straddle the hearing and the deaf worlds due to my affinity to American Sign Language and individuals who use it as their language (or just dabble like so many!)  What you may not know is that our house is a bilingual home, including our dogs.  YEP!  Tess and Bingo were both trained as puppies in ASL.  They were both rescue pups and it made no sense to teach basic dog commands that used hand signals to them while the people in the home used ASL from time to time. (Even I thought the dogs would be confused, let alone me!).  So, we taught the dogs their commands using ASL which has made it fun for us and the many children who have tried out their "sign skills" on Bingo and Tess.

Well, as fate would have it our "younger" pup- Tess (White German Shepherd mix) became deaf around her third birthday after surgery.  We don't blame anyone and quite honestly she may have had minimal hearing all along (not uncommon for white dogs with light eyes to have a higher percentage of deafness among the dog world).  However, it didn't matter.  Tess knew all her commands in ASL and followed her hearing brother, Bingo, around everywhere- then and now.

So why did I title this blog, "Deaf Dog Dancing?"-  Well there is something quite magical seeing a dog who usually needs to be leashed or on a long zipline leash for her own safety being free of any restraints.  She was allowed this freedom due to natures own "fencing"- 3+ feet of snow.  She frolicked all over the yard, never leaving our sight and coming back to us with her tag wagging so fast I thought she would propel like a helicopter!   She was truly free in the silence we all experienced during the blizzard and shortly after.  She was a deaf dog dancing!!

Once again- some stories are best told in photos.  Enjoy!

                                           Children love to see if Bingo really knows sign language-
                                                   Lexy signing STAY to Bingo.  

Tess, frolicking in the backyard sans leash.  I think I see her smiling!! 

                         Tess sitting patiently as her "daddy" signs EAT.  First the sign then.....

                                                                and then a yummy treat!

To learn more about deaf dogs and if you wish to adopt a deaf dog try these websites:


Friday, February 5, 2010


The feedback from our Sign Language for Emergency Situations Chart has been overwhelming!!  I have 25 more charts to give TODAY for new subscribers to this blog.  

So, go ahead, subscribe, email me your address at info@SigningFamilies.com  and I will pop a chart in the mail.  No sales pitch.. no selling of your address... just a chart to help others in sign and Spanish in the event of an emergency situation.

Here is what two recipients of the chart "tweeted" this past week (and a big thank you for doing so!!)

"@joannab: @LouiseASL I got the #ASL Charts for Emergencies in the mail today - Thanks again so much! So helpful!" www.signingfamilies.com"

@PreKlanguages www.signingfamilies.comhas small and large ASL/Span charts- and they have a DVD coming out too. Great resource @louiseasl

@Louiseasl Wow! I just received my Emergency ASL/Spanish word charts. Every #teacher should have one! THX! www.signingfamilies.com #ell #dll

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Acceptance & Inclusion- What a GREAT STORY!

Here is my review of The Friendship Puzzle.  Find this and much more about autism related disorders at Our Journey Thru Autism (OJTA)-  http://www.OurJourneyThruAutism.com

Happy reading!  (p.s.  This book GIVES BACK a portion of their proceeds to the Kennedy-Kreiger Institute for research and support of autism with children)

Here is Part 3 of the Learning and Laughter Interview with Comedian Keith Wann!

To check out the video of Keith Wann you can watch here:  http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=308098854273   or go to YouTube and look under CODAWANN

See and hear interpreter, business owner, CODA and comedian Keith Wann!! It will make you laugh and learn!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Lots of new friends- thank you!!

I have mailed most of my bloggers their FREE mini sign language chart for emergency situations.  No sales pitch.  No selling of your address.

If you have not emailed to me your address and wish to receive a chart, please email me at INFO@SigningFamilies.com

I will send you a minichart if your address is within the USA or Canada.  NO CHARGE.  

Thanks for following my blog.

Note that the guest for this WEDNESDAY at 9 a.m. EST on Learning and Laughter is Denise Graab (Education.com)

Our topic- living in a bicultural/bilingual home.  Tell us your story if you live in a home that speaks or uses a language other than English.  (Yep, ASL counts in my book!!)

Here is the link to learn more about the radio program, Video Blog (VLOG) and more-


Thanks again for the follow here on my blog.  

Also, do you have an educational topic you may want to see us cover on Learning and Laughter?   let me know and we will try and include it in future broadcasts.  Right now I am seeking people in the music industry... if you are one of those people, including an aspiring musician... contact me here.

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