Sunday, January 31, 2010

Join this blog, get one of the mini-charts for ***FREE***

THIS CHART WILL BE MAILED TO YOU FREE!!  That's right- Signing Families is giving away to the first 50 people who sign up for this blog, starting TODAY the chart in this post-- FREE.!! Must be a U.S. or Canadian citizen (or your address within these countries)

WHY???  Because I wish for people to be able to communicate TODAY using American Sign Language, Spanish and English to help others during an EMERGENCY or MEDICAL SITUATION!

The front is as shown...
The back has the photos and words for WHO?, WHERE? and WHAT TIME?

Also, the back has two alphabets (English and Spanish), numbers 1-10 and common symbols used for emails, etc.

Offer ends when we hit 50 followers on this blog.....

I will ask that you follow me and send me privately your address here, or on Twitter (LouiseASL) or on my Signing Families site on FACEBOOK in order to Direct Message your address.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ADDRESS where others can view it.  If you leave a message under the announcement on Facebook I will message you directly.

I WILL NOT SELL YOUR ADDRESS... once I have it on an envelope I will press DELETE from my computer.



Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Month, New Guests, New products!

I cannot believe that the calendar page will turn over so soon and it will be FEBRUARY!  Where has the time gone?  I know that your time is precious, so here is the list of guests to be on Learning and Laughter this month!!


Feb. 3rd- Denise Graab from  The topic is multiculturalism.  Raising a family in a bilingual/bicultural home.  And yes, that includes a home that communicates with American Sign Language. (Of course that would figure since I do know a little something about Signing and Families)

February 10th- Friendship Puzzle with Sondra Brassel and Julie Coe.  It is my privilege to have the author and illustrator of this amazing book on our show.  Their story based on a friend's experience discusses acceptance and inclusion of a child with Autism.  You will love this book.  I have posted their link to Amazon.  The foreword is by Dr. Rebecca Landa.  Suggestions and activities for parents and educators are included.

February 17th- Lisa Densmore.  Professional athlete and director to a new PBS special about teen and sex.  What a powerhouse of a woman we will have on this show. 

February 24th is dedicated to GREAT KIDS.  We will be having on the show some amazing kids who are truly giving of themselves, their time and in some cases, their own money.  This show will demonstrate to the listeners what is RIGHT with our youth!

Now here is the news on all of the SIGNING FAMILIES/ Louise Masin Sattler's workshops and products:

OUR AVAILABLE DATES for WINTER 2010 are nearly sold out for workshops and guest speaking engagements.

We are NOW booking what few dates are available during the Spring.  SUMMER and FALL also have some dates open.  (We always encourage schools to book ASAP)

Our DVD- SIGN LANGUAGE FOR EMERGENCY SITUATIONS will be available on a variety of online and box stores by early April (and perhaps before).

Over 100 signs in English and then again voiced in Spanish.  With ASL used throughout the movie.  Open captioned to learn the words in print, as well. Perfect for FIRST RESPONDERS/RESCUERS/ HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS / EDUCATORS, etc.

Included is a Sign Expressions Mini-Language Chart  in ENGLISH, SPANISH and ASL that has the most important of signs and words to use during an emergency.  (Shout-out to Rick Weiss at Design Media Pros!) See below for our sample chart.  It is easy to hold and can be purchased separately.  They will be $2.49 each or 10 for $20. Orders larger than 20 is reduced.  Ask for more information. (Shipping is free in the 50 states and Canada!) If you wish to purchase the charts separately please email me at    We will have this up on the website, too.

Here is the cover label to the DVD:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Keith Wann Video Blog (VLOG) for Learning and Laughter!

I had a hoot when Keith Wann was my guest during the January 13th Learning and Laughter with Louise show!  I believe that my shows should have equal access - meaning that hearing and deaf should be able to enjoy the guests and content on my show.  So each week I write notes (here and on my FACEBOOK SIGNING FAMILIES fan page).  I also try to VLOG, but frankly I am still a "work in progress" in this area.  So, this past week and for the next few weeks I will have a little help from my friend, Keith Wann.  Enjoy his first VLOG entry for Learning and Laughter!

p.s. The photo of me in the VLOG is from Cavalheri Photography.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jeni Stepanek will be on Learning and Laughter- Wednesday, January 20th

There are some people that you "meet" in life who make you feel that you need to BELIEVE in hope.  That people truly have resilience and the ability to do more good than harm.  I learned that lesson over the years by listening to a young boy, Mattie Stepanek, as he seemed to exude such wisdom, well beyond his years.  And quite frankly much more than most people would ever attain in a lifetime.  His poetry, books and now legacy live on with his mom, Jeni Stepanek.  Her book, MESSENGER, should be on the MUST READ list for all high school students.  Right next to GIFTED HANDS by Ben Carson.  

I think it is so ironic ( or is it?) that Jeni will talk about Mattie's quest to help spread the words of peace, hope, harmony, and more on the week that we celebrate the same sentiments from Martin Luther King, Jr.

Enjoy the photos and join me with welcoming Jeni Stepanek on the air this Wednesday, Jan. 20th at 9 a.m. EST.  If you have questions for me to ask her please leave here as a comment.  To listen to our interview tune in here:

THANK YOU!!  Please visit:

To learn more about Neuromuscular Diseases- go to :

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Looking for "Groupies"

GREAT THINGS are HAPPENING at SIGNING FAMILIES!  We will be uploading our newly revamped, restyled and overall groovy website.  Included will be our newest products, media, and links to Learning and Laughter with Louise!

We will be randomly choosing new blog followers to receive a free DVD from the Signing Families store. Remember- this is a $20 value and we ship free within the United States and Canada.

Our goal is to hit 50 followers before the new DVD launches in just a few short weeks!!

Also, FIRST RESPONDERS who wish to preview our new DVD may look online, as well as have an opportunity to receive a FREE SIGN LANGUAGE FOR EMERGENCY SITUATIONS DVD with MINI- CHART!!!

How?  Simply go to this url and watch the DVD trailer.  If you like what you see and want to learn ASL and Spanish to use in your organization leave us a comment here!  We will pick out our First Responders and send free DVDs (first ten get them!)  Up to 50 will  receive a free chart!

Here is the LINK FOR THE YouTube Trailer:


Thursday, January 14, 2010

"What's Up with My Family?"- Another great book by Annie Fox

     It was my pleasure to have recently been asked by Annie Fox to review her newest installment to her Middle School Confidential series- What's Up with My Family?  

     I LOVE IT!  And I am so pleased that Annie will be an upcoming guest on my radio show, Learning and Laughter with Louise!- April 28th  

     Here is my review- ENJOY!


  Review of “Middle School Confidential- 
       What’s Up with My Family”
 By Louise Masin Sattler, NCSP
 Nationally Certified School Psychologist
 Host of Learning and Laughter with Louise!

            Once again, Annie Fox and her Middle School Confidential series created a book that connects so well with the contemporary pulse of tweens and teens on the complicated subject of family relationships- What’s Up with My Family

             What’s Up with My Family is presented in Ms. Fox’s trademark style of meshing both a fictional story line within comic book illustrations, by Matt Kindt. Then she cleverly intertwines her ongoing story with pearls of wisdom as presented by input from students.  This interactive and engaging layout lets the reader learn and feel entertained at the same time.  At no time does the content of the book fall in to the realm of being insensitive or patronizing to the reader.

            As a School Psychologist, I appreciated that What’s Up with My Family was able to engage the reader by presenting “tough talks” on topics ranging from sibling rivalry, divorce, loss, blended families, trust issues between parent and child and so much more.  Ms. Fox focuses the reader on the value of a family, no matter how it is constructed.   Moreover, the guided questions, quick quizzes and “did you know” features were very much on target in getting difficult messages across and jump starting conversations within a family.

            I loved What’s Up with My Family and hope that families and schools will find this book in to the hands of tweens and teens worldwide.  Bravo to Annie Fox for her wonderful writing and Matt Kindt for his amazing and intuitive illustrations! I look forward to the next installment of Middle School Confidential!



Monday, January 11, 2010


On September 11, 2001 a lot of our lives changed- forever. I know that it is a day that my immediate family will never forget as we are native New Yorkers and many of us still live and work in metropolitan New York. Alongside the hearing population on 9/11 were thousands of deaf and hard of hearing people, too. It is because of them that I created SIGN LANGUAGE FOR EMERGENCY SITUATIONS.

I first became aware of how the deaf had difficulty accessing information and not understanding the gravity of the situation through a documentary I had viewed. 9/11 Fear in Silence- The Forgotten Underdogs. I also had read articles and found out from my deaf friends about the difficulties they experienced on 9/11.

It took me some time to wrap my head around the concept that deaf people could not have the same emergency information as hearing people. How could that be? So, I started putting away information I found and lists of vocabulary words I thought first responders, healthcare professionals, the RED CROSS and others might need to know during an emergency to help the deaf community.

But, "life" got in the way. My business seemed to steer itself towards another path. Now I am not saying that I forgot about what I wanted to create, but I certainly was overwhelmed and did not have the financial resources or time.

In 2009, I once again revisited the idea of making a DVD to help people during an emergency. I teamed with Shara Lawrence-Weiss of to create a language chart titled, "SIGN EXPRESSIONS for I WANT, I NEED". We had a great response to this chart and I was delighted that we were able to create a product to help children with learning challenges as well as augment my sign language DVDs. I pitched the idea of SIGN LANGUAGE FOR EMERGENCY SITUATIONS as a DVD with a companion chart. She immediately was enthusiastic and away we went. Shara enlisted her husband, Rick Weiss from Design Media Pros to help create the chart from photography that I had snapped. We also were delighted to have friend and translator, Karina Prizont Cowan help us with the Spanish. Yes, I said Spanish. Because nearly nine years after 9/11 I realized that the deaf and the Hispanic communities could both be served by one set of products. So, here we are in the Winter of 2010 with a finished product. SIGN LANGUAGE FOR EMERGENCY SITUATIONS DVD with companion SIGN EXPRESSIONS MINI-CHART (as a DVD insert) will be available by March 2010.

What I need now is people who want to learn to sign and speak basic Spanish in an emergency. I would love to hear from people who are First Responders, Hospital and other health care professionals. School personnel should also learn how to safely evacuate or keep safe their students. (Think how many deaf children are now mainstreamed in public schools!) Camp counselors also could benefit from learning the basics of sign language. And of course, if individuals from the Red Cross person could learnthe basics I would be so happy.

So, please I invite people who wish to learn common words and phrases to use during emergency or medical situations to view the YouTube trailer and contact me. I will look for comments here or email me at

Thank you for reading. Have a happy and SAFE New Year!


Friday, January 8, 2010

I am a "multi-blogger"

I am not sure that the term "multi-blogger" is correct to reflect that I write for more than one organization's blog? However, if you wish to check out my other blogs here is where to find me:

I will begin in February writing for a terrific group- OUR JOURNEY THRU AUTISM (OJTA) This group is powered by great people, especially Tiffani Lawton who was inspired to begin her own journey through autism when her son, Eamon was diagnosed. Here is the link to read this blog:

Next you can find my monthly column under the community section of

I also write occasional blogs for

And lastly, you will find me here to cover all the news SIGNING FAMILIES and LEARNING AND LAUGHTER with LOUISE!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Learn about with Kat Eden!

I love working on the radio show Learning and Laughter with Louise! One main reason is because it gives me an opportunity to talk with so many interesting people who are invested in the field of education, one way or another. Secondly, it allows me to share their information with an audience. In all it is a win-win situation.

The first week in January 2010 I had the chance to chat a full hour with's Director of Communications and Marketing- Kat Eden! WOW the hour flew by as we talked about so many diverse topics- all that can be found on the website. I could never do justice to all that has to offer. So, in this missive I will simply summarize.

When you go on to be sure to check out the tabs near the top. You will see their main portions of the website, including one of my favorites the JustAsk Forum! (The fact that I am a contributor maybe has something to do with it being my favorite! )

Then go ahead and peruse all of the home and school activities. Kat and I talked for quite some time how some of the best projects were not expensive nor sophisticated. Soon there will be a section devoted to science projects, a popular question on JustAsk, too.

College bound students and their parents will find a plethora of information on a top tab link. This includes information about testing for college entrance and how to find scholarships.

OK- now it is your turn to check out and find the information that you may want to read or need to know. This website is devoted to children from tots through college. Educators and professionals also will find of great value. And just let me end this blog by saying that Kat Eden and the staff at deserve every award and amazing positive press they have received. Congratulations!

p.s. Missed the interview? Check it out here: (podcast) or on iTunes (toginet radio)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Learning and Laughter with Louise! December 30, 2009 Show

Listen to Shara Lawrence-Weiss' great interview as she explains the creation of her company, Personal Child Stories ( and Mommy Perks ( Shara tells how adversity lead to creativity and success with her company, Personal Child Stories. (Her unique books and flashcards are a great addition to any home/school/pediatrician's office.

To listen to Shara's interview go on the website and download the podcast for December 30th! The link is

Also, look for us on iTunes, too!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

I can't believe it has been a decade since my family took a vacation to Disney World to ring in the new millennium with family and friends! That was a splendid vacation filled with fun and the laughter of our young children and nieces. Fast forward to ten years later and as were getting ready to ring in 2010 our family once again vacationed in a warmer climate. As the old adage says, "A picture is worth a thousand words". Well then, here are a few thousand "word" for you to ponder from our trip to Southern California. Enjoy

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