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Welcome to the Virtual Job Fair!

Welcome to a Virtual Job Fair sponsored by
 Learning and Laughter with Louise 
on the HerInsight radio network of

Today on Learning and Laughter with Louise we had three sensational companies chat with us.  ALL THREE HAVE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES.  So, if you are looking for a job or to re-enter the workforce and need assistance this blog should be a "must-read".  Good luck and PLEASE let us know if you obtained a job through our virtual job fair.  We would love to hear about success stories!!

Our first guest on the radio show as Debbie Lesser.  She represented Keith Wann's company-
This company has many facets which are clearly explained on their website-
Debbie indicated that American Sign Language CERTIFIED interpreters are needed nationwide. She also explained that provides video interpreting and also remote video conferencing, such as with when a physicians/ lawyers office in a rural area needs to communicate with a deaf individual.  

What is great about this company is that stories online are also available for children and adults to enjoy. This multifaceted and national company is desperately looking for interpreters.  Spanish or other languages in addition to ASL is also desired.

Contact Debbie Lesser at
The website is

Our second guest was the incredible Candi Wingate.  She has several companies LOOKING TO HIRE!  Now we are talking Part time, Full time, you make the hours!! Men, women, single, married, ALL 50 STATES AND CANADA!!  No reason to be unemployed with this group!  This is an incredible opportunity for people who are in college or need to augment their income.  Full time work for those who need it.  SUPER!!

Candi owns:  and

Both of these companies are reputable,  have stringent applications for those who are searching for help and those they help to employ.  So, if you are looking to be a nanny or to hire one, is a MUST to research.  

In addition,  website cites the following information:   Our database is designed to assist families in finding a quality babysitter, housekeeper, tutor, companion/eldercare, pet sitter and Miscellaneous care such as a personal assistant, gardener, party planner, etc. for their specific needs and requirements and offer caregivers an enjoyable employment experience.

Contact them TODAY- you can have a job by the end of NEXT WEEK!!  Keep in mind that this company will have security measures in place.  Also, they have been receiving kudos from tons of people (see website).  Even Kate Gosselin (John and Kate +8) used their services.  So,  hurry and check them out!!

Our third, but certainly no the least in any way- was Sandra Beck from the fantastic company     I LOVE THIS COMPANY.   Why?  Because people can work from home within the tech, corporate or creative companies and still be at home with their children  (By the way, you can hire a nanny from to help make your home work life run even more smoothly - hint, hint)

Their website is super and was created by people they employed through this company- how great is that!  Here is what they want you to know if you are looking for a job:

 Many mothers leave the traditional workforce to raise their children. Contrary to popular belief, their skills do not evaporate the day they do. The work at home mother is the largest untapped resource for skilled work in the United States today. 

Every day we are contacted by educated, skilled mothers who want to write, create, design and facilitate - only not in a traditional office. They are smart, they are business savvy and they are successful in what they do. They are "our moms."

And every day we are contacted by companies, small businesses and sole business operators looking for alternatives to traditional hiring. A way to get work done without additional office space, equipment and software needs, taxes and costly benefits. These are "our clients."

Motherhood Incorporated brings Moms and Clients together to get the job done effectively and efficiently using phone, fax and Internet.

We at Motherhood Incorporated believe that Outsourcing should be Home Sourcing and that Pink is the new Green. Using a Home Based worker reduces fossil fuel emissions and allows ours mother's more time with their family.

We save our families and our planet at the same time. What could be better than that?
or call directly at 310-424-5324


To recap-  ALL of the above companies are hiring!  They want to connect with
people from all over the United States and Canada. Now this is what you need to

1-  An email, phone call  or checking out these companies cannot cost you a thing
other than your time and effort.  If you truly want a job and don't have a felony
record- then you have a good chance of having a job- very soon

2-  These companies were selected because they value their employees and
clients.  These are not menial jobs.  These are careers.  You can be helping children,
elder care, work outdoors, be a virtual assistant, design graphics, design websites,
and much more. The only company that required certification is

3. The pay from these companies varies according to the tasks.  That is up to
you to discuss with potential employers.  However, I guarantee that you will EARN
no money from your skills if you stay at home and do nothing. EARN is the key
word in this sentence.

4.  You need not finish high school nor college for consideration for some of these
jobs.  Yes that is right.  There is something for almost everyone.  Also, people who
are deaf, blind or do not use English as their first language are encouraged to check
out our information, too!

5. Please let me know if you successfully obtained employment.  There are no
guarantees, however here is great info for you that may lead to you being a virtual
career fair success story!



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